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4 channel IEPE sensor supply
for DIN rail type NeIEPE-4-DIN

NeIEPE-4-DIN- Description

The NeIEPE-4-DIN module is a 4-channel module for supplying IEPE sensors.

It provides the necessary supply energy for the electronics integrated in the sensor and decouples the measurement signal from the sensor output signal.

The NeIEPE-4-DIN is built into a housing for DIN rail mounting.

The connection is made via screwless terminals.

4 channel IEPE Power Units for DIN Rail Mounting

  • Number of channels = 4
  • Assembly = DIN Rail TS35
  • Connection = screw terminals, max. 1.5 sqm
  • Constant current = 4.5 mA + – 0.5 mA
  • Power supply = 2 variants
  • Direct power supply, without DC / DC converter, without electrical isolation
  • Power supply with DC / DC converter
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