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8 ch IEPE sensor supply

NeIEPE-8 - Description

NeIEPE-8 is an 8-channel IEPE / ICP® supply with two isolated outputs per channel.

  • Two isolated outputs per channel
  • The IEPE supply provides the required supply energy for the electronics integrated in the sensor, decouples the measuring signal from the output signal of the sensor and provides the measuring signal at the two outputs for further processing.
  • Due to the selected circuit, the signal ground of the outputs are connected to the signal ground of the input via 10 KOhm each.
  • The maximum voltage difference between input signal ground and output signal ground may be max. 10 Volt.
  • Power is supplied to the module via a plug-in power supply.
  • The input has reverse polarity protection but no overvoltage protection.
  • The built-in DC / DC converter has a potential separation of 1 KV.

NeIEPE-8; 8 channel IEPE power supply.

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