Produktbild Signal Conditioner



Portable 3-channel IEPE signal conditioner


PA-3000 ICP® (IEPE) signal conditioner - Specification:



input/output channels 3/3
input type IEPE 4mA/24V with improved settling characteristics
indicators fot input open/short overload per channel
Input impedance 100KOhm AC-coupled
Output impedance 100Ohm
Input gain 1, 10, 100 (0dB, 20dB, 40dB)
SNR > 90dB (10Hz-22KHz)
Distortion < 0,1%
Gain error < 0,5%
gain drift < 50ppm/°C
output range 20Vpp
offset error < 10mV on output (DC-coupled)
filters 12dB/oct, individually selectable on/off
high pass filter 10Hz or custom
low pass filter 1KHz or custom
battery NiMh with internal charging, duration approx. 10h
control interface RS232 using 3,5mm jack to sub-D cable
power supply 5V / 400mA DC
housing extruded aluminium with dirt and moisture repelling membrane keypad
Dimensions 196mmx110mmx45mm(l/w/h)
Weight aprox. 850g
operating temperature 0°C - 50°C
storage temp -10°C -   60°C
AC/DC adaper and RS232 cable are supplied with the unit

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