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A true combination of stand alone data recorder
and front end for online analysis.
The premium choice for mobile applications.


GX-1 datalogger - Description


A true combination of stand alone data recorder (datalogger) and front end for online analysis.
The premium choice for mobile applications.Due to a wide variety of configuration and accessory options GX-1 allows a maximum of customization and fits therefore to individual requirements and measurement tasks. Depending on specific requirements the user is the only one to decide how and which components have to be used.



The basic unit can be equipped with up to 8 signal conditioner modules. Any of the modules offers 2 channels. This results in 16 available channels for recording.

Extension units allow expanding the available number of channels in quantities of 16 additional channels. GX-1 can be extended up to a total of 64 channels.

Signal data are sampled with 16 bit and are transmitted over the SCSI interface to the internal storage or a hard disk.

The sampling rate for each of the channels can be programmed individually.



Setting up GX-1 is a fast and easy task. You can choose between the menu assisted PC interface or the Smart Remote Control with its crisp TFT display. This results in savings of time and money.

GX-1 is also available as a turn key system solution. Together with popular software packages like ArtemiS, MatLab, I-DEAS, CADA-X, and others GX-1 becomes an universal measurement system.

As a further option ROGA-Instruments offers real-time analysis packages which combine GX-1 and DASYLab. Beside the common data export formats of DASYLab ROGA-Instruments offers even more formats like those for LMS CADA-X, Head acoustics, ArtemiS, and Müller BBM PAK. Special modules for sound level and sound pressure measurement are also available.

Data which were measured with GX-1 can be converted to fit the needs of the common post analysis programs.



System components / Configurations
With up to 10 different signal conditioner modules GX-1 can be perfectly customized to your individual needs.
Charge Amp
ICP Input Amp
Microphone Input Amp
F/V Input Amp
Dynamic Strain Input Amp
Thermocouple Input Amp
Pulse Input Amp
Digital Input/
Output Amp
Output Amp
CAN Bus Module
Selectable SCSI storage media
up to 35GB
Memory, MO disk
AIT-II Tape or
PC card
Three power supplies for reliable mobile data recording 90-130V AC / 180-250V AC power supply
11-30V DC or
14V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
remote control is a user interface for GX-1
ER-GXRC to start and stop recording and setting of index markings
Smart Remote
Control Unit
Remote control unit with integrated LCD screen used in environments like cars where a PC cannot be run