Produktbild Gx 1



A true combination of stand alone data recorder
and front end for online analysis.
The premium choice for mobile applications.


GX-1 Specification


MainUnit SCSI drive, 8 slots for signal conditioner (16 channel capacity)
Recording Data Length: 16 bits
Expansion Up to 3 Expansion units (16 channel capacity each) per Main Unit
Dimensions approx.. 300 mm(W) x 85 mm(H)x 200 mm(D), approx. 5 Kg
Internal DRAM DRAM 128Mbyte standard, up to 256Mbyte
Transfer Rate: 6,4 Mbyte/s
Connectors Monitor out, Earphone output, Memo Microphone in connector, DC power input connector, SCSI interface, Remote connector, Power supply connector (for Smart Remote Control),
Expansion bus connector (total 3 units,48channels)
Power supply 90-130V AC or 180-250V AC
11-30V DC
14V Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Storage Devices AIT-Drive 25GB (3MB/s),
MO-Drive 640MB (800KB/s),
DRAM 256MB (6,4MB/s),
PC Card 85MB (100KB/s)
Smart Remote Control Color display TFT: 640 x 480 dpi
Control key: arrow key, start, stop, record, standby, event
Microphone input Connector: SCSI, memo, Power
DC Input Amplifiers Range: +/- 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, VP
Impedance: Greater than 1Mohm (unbalanced)
DC coupled
Filters (LPF): 25, 50, 250, 500, 2.5k, 5k, 25k,
50kHz/pass -24dB / oct
BNC connectors
DC Output Amplifiers Range: +/- 1V to +/- 5V
Impendance: Greater than 1Mohm (unbalanced)
DC coupled
Filters (LPF): Analog Filter, 10kHz - 24dB /oct
cut-off frequency with oversampling FIR filter by DSP
BNC connectors
Dynamic Range >80dB
Channel Phase Difference 1degree or less
Sample rates Independent programmable sampling per channel 1Hz up to 200kHz/ch max
Convertertype 16 bit, 100 times over sampling
Linearity 0.1% or better
Data Acquisition Modes Manual start
Trigger start:
-Channel level trigger
-External trigger
-Pre-trigger Endless
(MO/ PC Card/ Memory)
Signal Conditioner (2ch each) DC Input Unit
DC Output Unit
Digital I/O Unit
ICP Input Unit
DC High Speed Input Unit
MIC Input Unit
Pulse Input Unit
Strain Input Unit
Thermocouple Input Unit
F/V Converter Unit
Charge Amp Unit 
PC Controller Main unit control (same as Smart Remote Controller)
PC data acquisition: Real time data transfer through SCSI Inerface
Real time wave form, spectrum analysis bar-graph display during data acquisition
Print function
Modem communication (data and control)