2 channel Digital IEPE - USB Sensor Conditioner RogaDAQ2

Simultaneous measurement data acquisition as PC frontend system and measurement

data recorder simultaneously with up to 256 analog sensor signal amplifiers.

Ideal for mobile use



LX-1000 comes with fulfilling functions and has field use specifications.

Available in 5 selectable amplifier modules.
Amplifier modules can be replaced or expanded freely; therefore, you can choose the configuration that suits your needs.
You can narrow down the configuration to the minimum necessary, share with other departments, and expand the range of utilization.



Less limited equipment arrangement.
Realization of clear sound and vibration
measurement without worrying about
the effects of fans.


Dynamic range improvement

The realization of 120 dB (FFT based) wide dynamic range enables more accurate recording and reproduction even
with dynamic signals with large fluctuations.


General-purpose media adoption realizes
improved media availability and increased capacity

 Highly versatile SD memory card adopted for recording media (SDXC: up to 128GB) Easy to use due to significant capacity increase compared with conventional models.

Diversification of amplifier modules

Lineup of various amplifier modules, such as analog input amplifier for TEDS compatible voltage output sensors, analog output amplifier for input signal voltage conversion, CAN data acquisition module, amplifier for strain gauge converter, thermocouple amplifier.

Flexibility and simplification
of the channel increases and decreases

 Channel configuration of 1 amplifier : 4ch (2 ports for CAN) Easy-to-understand structure assuming replacement.
Necessary amplifier can be set instantly according to the measurement object.

Synchronization with video


Supporting synchronization with the TEAC Video NV Recorder VR-24, which makes it easy to completely synchronize video and data. Scheduled to support video synchronization using a PC.