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for structure-borne
sound detection

Electronic stethoscope to detect the ball bearing,
rolling bearing noise or when turning, milling or grinding.

The system contains a directional microphone MI10, a monitor amplifier AV14, dynamic headphones, an accelerometer and a carrying case.


  • Acoustic and Vibration Measurements
  • Source Location
  • Machine Diagnosis
  • Structure-borne sound location

Scope of delivery

  • 1-Channel Monitor Amplifier and Charge Amplifier AV14
  • AC Adapter, 100-240 VAC / 12 VDC
  • 1/4″ Directional Microphone MI 10
  • Accelerometer
  • Headphone KH 10
  • Carrying Case
  • Manual

Electronic Stethoscope ES-12
AV14 Monitoring probe


Electronic Stethoscope ES12 for locating sound sources.


Application in the grinding industry:

Contact detection of the grinding wheel with a rough diamond.


AV14 Charge and IEPE Amplifier

The 1-channel charge amplifier AV 14 has been constructed mainly to monitor acoustic and vibration signals. 

It has a measuring channel for an electret condenser microphone or a piezoelectric accelerometer. 

The switching over from the accelerometer to the microphone comes automatically, when the microphone mini-jack is plugged in at the output socket you get a voltage proportional to the acceleration or sound pressure independent of the amplification of the headphone amplifier. 

So the instrument can be used as a front end for analyzers or similar instruments.


  • electret condenser microphone Input
  • Piezoelectric accelerometer input
  • Adjustable Headphones output
  • Preamplifier Function (additional output)

MI10 Directional Microphone - Features

  • Shapely matt black plastic housing and swan neck
  • Built-in windscreen
  • Background noise elimination
  • Functional small and handy design

KH10 Dynamic Headphone

KH10 is a closed dynamic headphone and it is designed for critical music and sound monitoring in an open environment. The headphone features a frequency response of 5 Hz to 30 kHz and is equalized to the diffuse sound field. The single-sided 3 m connecting cable is equipped with an in-line volume control for optimum set-up. It is fitted with a gold-plated mini stereo plug (3.5 mm) with a 1/4″ (6.35 mm) adapter and is therefore suitable for use with almost all headphone amplifiers.
The rugged headband construction has been strengthened to give the headphone a very secure fit, matched with mechanical reliability. Soft ear pads that are easy to clean and adjustable, sliding earpieces ensure listening comfort during extended periods of use.


  • Closed diffuse field headphone
  • Excellent ambient noise attenuation (better 35 dB A)
  • Superb audio quality with high sound pressure level (105 dB)
  • Robust spring steel headband
  • Single sided cable (straight cable, 3 m long) with in-line volume control
  • Gold plated jack plug (3.5 mm) and adapter (6.35 mm)
Electronic stethoscope price
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ES12 Set

1-channel monitor amplifier and charge amplifier AV14
AC adapter, 100-240 VAC / 12 VDC
1/4″ directional microphone MI 10
accelerometer KD37
sensor cable 1.5 meter
headphones KH 10
carrying case

3245 €

1-channel monitor amplifier and charge amplifier AV14
AC adapter, 100-240 VAC / 12 VDC
accelerometer KD37
sensor cable 1.5 meters

1820 €
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