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Mic Holder System

Microphone holder system

The comprehensive and flexible microphone holder system MH consists mainly of three components: Base, Extension, Microphone Clamp.

1st Component: Base for the attachment to the object

a) Suction cup: (for glass and flat surfaces on the car body)

b) Magnetic foot: (for anechoic chamber with perforated plate surface).
c) Screw foot: (for aluminum profile e.g. Bosch, Item and anechoic chamber
with wedges)

2nd Component: extension (from the foot to the microphone)
a) flexible: (gooseneck)
b) rigid: (carbon rod)
c) rigid telescope: (carbon telescope)
d) base long: (to compensate the B-Post)
e) joint: (for alignment)
f) joint square alu: (double holder e.g. for driver ear left/right) max. 3 extensions
can be combined with each other.

3rd Component: Microphone clamp 1/2″
a) Aluminum: (with screw clamp)
b) V2A: (with screw clamp)
c) POM: (self-clamping)

Connection of the three components with each other:
a) screw connection
b) Ball joint

We exclusively process high-quality components from manufacturers in Germany.

The design of the components is selected so that with proper handling their additional error in the microphone measurement remains less than +- 0.5 dB.
(Reference: K. Zaveri, M. Zollner)


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