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FFT Analyzer Lite
NVH Analyzer Lite

Spectrum Analyzer Lite

FFT analyzer software for accelerometers and measurement microphones.

FFT Analyzer Lite - NVH Analyzer Lite

NVH Analyzer Lite for 2 channel USB audio NVH sensors like measurement mics and accelerometers.

Supported Hardware


License Price: 440 EUR + VAT

Download NVH Analyzer Lite

  • FFT analyzer with 4-channel RogaDAQ4 USB measurement data acquisition.
  • Shown here is the setup and a simple measurement after calibration of three IEPE accelerometers. 
  • With this solution you can handle most vibration problems in mechanical engineering, NVH, “Noise, Vibration, Harshness”, research and development at a fair price.

NVH Analyzer Lite Features

NVH analysis software with basic functions:

  • FFT block size 101 to 51201
  • FFT line resolution 0.366 Hz @ 48 kHz / 51201
  • FFT Averaging Linear, Peak Hold
  • Sum level Band limit – adjustable
  • Weighting Slow, Fast, Impulse
  • Weighting filters Lin, A, C
  • High-pass- Low-pass filter adjustable
  • Sensor Calibration menu for microphones and vibration sensors
  • Signal
  • FFT Spectrum
  • Time domain Level vibration acceleration
  • Time domain Level vibration velocity
  • Time domain Level vibration displacement
  • Time domain RMS
  • Time domain Mean-value
  • Time domain Peak-Peak
  • Time domain Sound Level
  • Time domain Sound Level A-Filter
  • 1/3 Octave-Spectrum
  • 1/3 Octave T-AVG

Up to 10 minutes raw data recording, output in WAV format possible.

Listening to the measurement data via the PC speaker after recording possible.

Measurement card or sound card setup

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