ROGA-Instruments offers piezoelectric accelerometers , load cells , triaxial sensor , IEPE preamplifier , TEDS sensors for structure noise measurement , measurement microphones , torque sensors, and load cells. The rights for the ICP technology are protected by law.


Under measurement microphones


you will find the MI-17 . An Electret microphone with 1/4" size which offers outstanding linear frequency range and extremely low noise bias. The MI-17 is a very reliable, universal and affordable sensor .




ROGA-Instruments offer a wider range of different oscillation sensors for research and development. These sensors are available in charge technology and in ICP technology as well. Accelerometers with integrated amplifiers are suited best for modal and vibration analysis while charge sensors are the preferred choice for high temperature applications.


Fiber Optic Displacement Sensors


The non contact Philtec Inc. Displacement Sensors sensors for distance measurement and vibration measurement work without contact and therefore with no effect on target.


ICP Supply Unit


ROGA-Instruments introduces the PA-3000 . It contains a three channel IEPE supply unit which conditions signals for dynamic measurements achieved with ICP compatible sensors for acceleration, force and pressure, or ICP measurement microphones. Three amplification ranges are available: 1/10, 1/100, and high/low pass filters including sensor control like overload, open and short.