directional mic

AS10 & AS11 Directional microphone for locating noise or locating sound sources without an acoustic camera and without a sound intensity probe



Except for the selective bandpass filters that directional microphone AS-10 is identical with AS11. The technical data can be found in the PDF data sheet.

Directional microphone - Description


Our directional microphone helps you to find sources of noise easily and intuitively without any special knowledge.


As soon as you get close to the noise source with the gooseneck microphone, you will immediately hear the corresponding noise with the headphones.


Technical - Description


The monitoring probe AS11 is a handy device which is designed to detect and subjectively evaluate airborne sound signals. It has a 30cm long flexible directional microphone. Headphones are connected to the output jack on the rear. Power is supplied from a internal rechargeable battery, which is located in the hand grip.



The rechargeable battery is accessible and can easily be changed by unscrewing the rear tube of the grab handle. Amplifier and filter is integrated into the hand grip. There is only one single cable connection between microphone and headphones! This makes the device a fully integrated one hand operation detector.

After switching on, the green power LED indicates full battery charge. Below 3,5 volts, the brightness decreases very rapidly and at 3 volts it lights only extremely weak indicating the need for recharging or exchanging the battery pack.

There are 2 amplifier gain ranges; 30 and 60 dB. The volume on the headphones is adjusted with the integrated pot on the control panel (11 positions).

With the second pot on the control panel, the center frequency for the 1/3rd octave or 1/1octave band pass filter could be selected between 31Hz and 8.000Hz. The filtered signal then is amplified by 20dB. Signals, recorded by the directive microphone, are filtered and amplified on the headphones. The output jack allows connection to other signal analyzers or recorders. This signal is equal to the headphone signal.


The Selective Monitoring Microphone


AS11 offers:

▶ Robust, flexible directional microphone
▶ Headphone amplifier
▶ Working with internal battery
▶ One-hand operation
▶ Tunable 1/3rd and 1 octave band pass filter

▶ Airborne noise measurements
▶ Machine diagnostics
▶ Sound source localization
▶ Leakage detection

For detailed specification please refer to the pdf data sheet.