directional mic

Monitoring Probe AV11


• Handheld monitoring probe

• Measuring output
• Adjustable Headphones output
Amplifier: 0 dB or +20 dB
• Switchable octave filter
• Switchable third octave filter
• Display with backlight
• Overload indication
• Internal rechargeable accu
• Robust aluminum cabinet


Directional microphone - Description


Our directional microphone helps you to find sources of noise easily and intuitively without any special knowledge.


As soon as you get close to the noise source with the gooseneck microphone, you will immediately hear the corresponding noise with the headphones.


Technical - Description


The 1-channel monitor amplifier AV11 is a handheld, accu driven monitoring probe, which has been constructed mainly to monitor acoustic signals or to detect noise
sources with headphones.


AV11 offers you many possibilities to locate disturbance sources. It comes with a permanently mounted 120mm swan-neck and directional Microphone.


The measuring signal can be weighted with the switchable octave filter (9 frequencies) or third octave filter (25 frequencies).

So you can detect the exact frequencies
of the disturbance source.


Monitoring Probe Display


Monitoring Probe Display


At the output socket you get a voltage proportional to the sound pressure independent of the amplification of
the headphone amplifier. So the instrument can be used as a front end for analyzers or similar instruments.


The AV11 has been constructed for mobile uses.


3.5 mm Headphone and BNC Output


3.5 mm Headphone and BNC Output




The AV11 is also suitable for robust environmental conditions.

For detailed specification please refer to the pdf data sheet.