Produktbild Measure Mic Mi 17



IEPE measurement microphone in 1/4" size


Roga MI-17 ICP® (IEPE) measuring microphone - Description:


These 1/4"- ICP® (IEPE) measuring microphones are pressure transducers. The model MI-17 have integrated electronics, and can be delivered with sensitivities from 10 to 100 mV/Pa at tolerances of within ± 1.5 %. Special custom versions are also possible. Power supplies for the microphones can be either a constant current source of 2 - 6 mA (standard version) or a constant voltage source 4 - 30 Volts. Normally the microphones are fitted with BNC-connectors (fem.) allowing standard BNC-BNC cables to be used. Other connectors such as TNC, SMB, Lemo or μdot are also available on request.
These microphones are quite suitable for array applications.


ICP® is a registered trademark of PCB Group, inc., Depew, New York.


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