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is a must for us: It begins with design and planning and it reaches up to the free of charge installation of turn key solutions. Any questions that may arise around acquisition, analysis, hardware, and software components are answered by our hotline. Our rugged measurement systems work under worse conditions and are even then very reliable. And – just in case – our customers get a replacement unit within 48 hours. If the warranty period of 24 months is not elapsed for any kind of repair or maintenance only transportations are charged.


Special services


Common Engineering Services

We are able to offer our customer not only our measurement equipment, we also can offer our long term vibration technology engineering experience. We gathered our experience in many years of successful work in the areas of vibration measurement, analysis and cause detection, planning and designing of powerful solutions.


Vibration Technology

Problems in the vibration area are wide spread. A short overview shall show common tasks and ways to solve them.


1 Start of project  
  In operation an error occurs which
has to be fixed.
2 Task  
  Description of the problem
  • How, when, and in what kind the error occurs?
  Aim for the analysis
  • Finding the cause
  • Proposal for corrective measures
  • Observation of performed corrective measures
  • Approving the effect of the measures
3 Planning the Analysis  
  Proposing the cause
  • Mechanism which causes the forced vibration
  • Pulsated impact, friction, body sound leads to air sound
  • Rotation dependent excitation
    (Engine including its configuration)
  • Out of balance
  Vibration Type
  • Bending vibration, torsion, longitudinal, breathing, noise
  Order of the vibration
  • 1st and 2nd Bending vibration
  • 1st and 2nd torsion



These precautions allow focusing precisely measurements, analyses and corrective measures.


Vibration Measurement

We perform vibration measurement with self developed and long term proven equipment. So we are able to
customize to special requirements whenever this is necessary. All our experience is contained in any systems
we develop. Problems are analyzed in an all-embracing process. It is divided into:

  • Description of the problem
  • Kind of analyzing the problem
  • Measurement
  • Analysis of the measured data
  • Isolating the causes
  • Proposal for corrective measures
  • Summary

  • The customer can observe the sequence and is therefore able to understand the context.


Vibration Computing (FEM)

For developing new and redesign existing equipment the results of the experimental modal analysis are transferred in a model. The result is an enhanced FEM model. After the model is checked the computation leads to the same results as the modal analysis before. This model allows making proposals. If needed, we are able to perform any common FEM computations and model analyses.



We offer system trainings for our measurement systems. These trainings can be held at the customer's facility or in our office. The advantage of a training at the customer's facility is that it can be performed with a real measurement task. The customers get first results during the training.



Beside trainings, which offer system training and working on customer's tasks, there are special seminars which focus more to theoretical items of mathematical knowledge of vibration theory. The theme for seminars has to be discussed in advance.



Customized solutions

Customized solutions which are not part of the primary vibration area like streaming exited vibrations are needed if the tasks cannot be handled with our standard equipment. So we make the necessary adaptations and we solve the problem. A new wide area is the wireless transfer of measurement data. Beside a pure software adaptation it is possible to design special hardware solution together with partner companies.



We offer consultancy for any area of vibration technology. After embracing analyses are performed, we work out recommendations. Part of it can be sensors, planning of a facility, placing of machinery, Isolation of single areas, machinery and parts of machinery.



At the address on the right you will get support for hardware and software of ROGA-Instruments measurement systems. Of course we offer common service, but we do more than this. We also provide our task-oriented service.


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