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Sound Measurement with DASYLab

ROGA-Instruments offers DASYLab acoustics software modules for standardized sound level measurements and sound power measurements.

The sound level software (SLM) has the usual time weighting Slow, Fast, Impulse; Leq, as well as weighting filters A, B, C and Lin Z according to EN 60651 and EN 60804.

A switchable 10 Hz high-pass filter suppressed DC components which distort the sound level values. The sound level module allows convenient calibration of the measuring chain of up to 16 input channels. The calibration level is freely selectable, depends on your sound calibrator.

The sound level module with following properties:

Time-weighted measurement: Slow, Fast, Impulse, Leq according to DIN IEC 651 / DIN IEC 804

Possibility to calibrate microphones with a sound calibrator:

DASYLab will automatically detect a plugged in calibrator in calibration mode and calculate the calibration values. It is very easy to perform the calibration alone.

The calibration values are also saved in the circuit diagram.
One to sixteen analog inputs (e.g., from RogaDAQ2) of almost any sampling rate (greater 32kHz), and one to sixteen level outputs in dB, every 20 milliseconds ms are updated. The software module thus enables comfortable and standardized sound level determination.

The level values measured with the sound meter can now passed over to the sound pressure meter in multi channel form. After applying the envelope method the sound pressure values can be output online (i.e. Lw(A)).