Software Solutions


In the understanding of ROGA-Instruments software solutions are a perfect combination of measurement hardware and analysis software. Quality management in close cooperation with leading suppliers from the measurement market is the key to success.


DASYLab is a nearly real time capable automation and mechatronics program which's use is recommended by Roga Instruments.

FlexPro, a well known post processing program, is included in nearly any ROGA-Instruments data acquisition system.

The RogaDAQ2 used as a front end FFT analyzer can be combined with DASYLab 2016 SP2 software.


DASYLab platform


Based on the DASYLab 2016 SP2 platform ROGA-Instruments had decided to develop for its measurement systems DASYLab Add On modules for sound level measurements.


Presentation and Analysis of Data


Today FlexPro® is the most powerful platform for presentation and analysis of data. It offers you look and feel of office user interface including reverse function, drag-n-drop, point-n-click, several wizards, macro recording and all of this at highest most performance when crunching millions of data. Additionally FlexPro standard offers perfect mathematical analysis functionality. You may use analysis objects for FFT, event detection, statistics, filters and a lot more. Furthermore you are able to write your own algorithms with FPScript. More than 160 functions are available. Including the optional rain flow analysis, analysis of order, inductive statistics spectral analysis and acoustics. For special evaluations in the areas spectral analysis, acoustics, fatigue analysis, engine development and SPC you can use the options spectral analysis, acoustics, rain flow classification, analysis of order, and inductive analysis. More Details about this you can find in the functional overview of FlexPro.



Sound level and pressure measurements


SLM & SPM can be realized in real-time with DASYLab 2016 SP2. Independent of the used measurement hardware the sound level module (Sound Level Measurement) calibrates with DASYLAb according to DIN IEC 60 651 and DIN IEC60 804. The common used weighting filters S, F, I, Leq, A, B, and C are available as well as a 10Hz high pass filter so that even with a sound card it is possible to measure according to the standards.



PC Recorder Software


RogaREC software is specially designed for many different T&M devices which allow using such Front End system as a PC based Data Recorder. The main feature of the RogaREC is the simulation of an tape recorder or stand alone data recorder, so that a user manual is not necessary. RogaREC supports the analog input channels for example of the RogaDAQ16.