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ME'scope is a professional program package used to analyze oscillations, noise, and modal analysis.


MEscope Description


ME scope VES of Vibrant Technology is a professional software package for analysis of oscillations and sound and for modal analysis. The whole software has a modular design: It is possible to configure and extend it to special needs. The software is very powerful but still easy to use and clearly visible structured.

  • MEscope allows dynamic analysis, presentation and documentation of the static, dynamic and acoustic behavior of engines and structures.
  • MEscope also makes it possible to show the three dimensional representation of a 3D model of an oscillating structure or a noise emitting plane.
  • MEscope presents oscillation data (operational oscillations, modal oscillations), acoustical data (sound pressure, sound power, and sound level), mechanical tensions and temperatures, pressure and so on.
  • MEscope runs with Windows 98/ME and Windows 2000/XP

The MEscope package consists of the following components:
VT-620 Visual ODS
  • Analysis of operational oscillation with time and frequency range data
  • Modal analysis at a certain frequency
  • Presentation of tensions
  • Interactive design of 3D models
  • Documentation with digital films
VT-420 Visual ODS pro
  • contains any functions of VT-620 ODS. In addition there is some more signal calculation and analysis functionality:
  • Fast Fourier Transformation FFT
  • Integration, differentiation
  • Modification of wave forms
  • Spectra calculations
  • Notch and band filter
  • Exponential windowing
VT-570 Visual Modal
  • Contains any functionality of VT 420 Visual ODS and it makes modal analysis available:
  • Interactive curve fitting (SDOF and MDOF) for selected modes and measurements
  • Presentation of measurements, of fit functions and of modal parameters
  • SDOF and MDOF fitting functionality, select between automatic or manual
  • Table for presentation and editing of modal parameters
  • Exponential window for reduction of white noise and sharpening of resonant peaks
  • FRF synthesis according to modal parameters
V T-550 VIsual Modal Pro
  • Contains all functionality of VT-570 Visual Modal an in addition:
  • Calculates multiple forced responses using modes or FRF's and excitation forces.
  • Calculates ODS's using modes or FRF's and excitation forces.
  • Calculates multiple excitation forces from FRF's (time or frequency) and responses.
VT-560 Visual SDM
  • Contains the complete functionality of VT-550 Visual Modal Pro and in addition:
  • Interactive structural modifications (mass springs, damper elements, stiffening elements)
  • Geometric representation of modifications
  • Modal sensitivity analysis
VT-720 Visual Acoustics
  • Contains all functions of VT-420 Visual ODS Pro with the following additions:
  • Vibro-acoustic model animation
  • Narrow band and octave analysis
  • Determination of sound power
  • Determination of sound intensity
VT-750 Visual Vibro-Acoustics contains any functionality of VT-720 and VT-550
VT-850 Visual ODS Pro contains all functions of VT-720 and VT-560

The software option VES Rotate is used to achieve order analysis.

We would be appreciated to send you an overview over the product line and a demonstration CD containing many examples. The demonstration CD offers a fully operative software. Merely saving of data and the import/export functions are disabled.