Produktbild Slm And Spm



PC based Soundlevel meter / Soundpower meter in real time


SLM & SPM Description


Based on DASYLab ROGA-Instruments offers modules for SLM and SPM.

Independent of the selected measurement hardware the sound level module (sound level measurement) calibrates according to DIN IEC 60651 & DIN IEC 60804 when used with DASYLab. The commonly used weighting filters S, F, I, Leq,Peak, A, B, and C and a 10 kHz high pass filter is available so even with a sound card measurements can be made which conform to the standard.

The level values measured with the sound meter can now passed over to the sound pressure meter in multi channel form. After applying the envelope method the sound pressure values can be output online (i.e. Lw(A)).