Our integrated solutions


for multi channel real-time analysis, multi channel post process analysis, and sound and vibration analysis consist of a package containing optimal combined hardware and software. So we are able to offer you thoroughly tested turn key solutions for complex tasks.


Sound power measurements


Turn key solution includes RogaDAQ16, 6 MI-17 IEPE microphones and DASYLab as software-base for real-time analysis below 10.000 Euro !


Physiological measurements


The ISO 8041 DASYLab add on module allows to perform analyses based on existing measurement equipment.


FFT Analyser


RogaDAQ2 allows performing FFT analyses and raw data recording with an USB interface. IEPE (ICP ®) sensor supply for measurement microphones and vibration sensors are available from 1950 EURO.

ICP® is a registered trademark of PCB Group, inc., Depew, New York

Post Process Analysis


In cooperation with Weisang & Co. ROGA-Instruments has developed a FlexPro import filter for post process analysis applications. Any PCM data recorders of the RD series, RX-series, LX-10, LX-20, RogaDAQ16, es8, and RogaDAQ2 are supported by FlexPro.


Electronic Stethoscope ES12 for locating sound sources


Stethoscope ES12 for locating sound sources

The Electronic Stethoscope ES-12 system contains a directional microphone MI10, a monitor amplifier AV14, dynamic headphones, an accelerometer and a carrying case.
Use for: Acoustic and Vibration Measurements, Source Location, Machine Diagnosis