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Sound Absorption Coefficient (α) and Transmission Loss (TL)

Sound Absorption Standard: GB/T-18696, 2-2002, ISO10534-2, 1998; ASTM E1050-08 ASTM E2611-09








For accurate measurement of sound absorption coefficients (63-6300Hz) and transmission loss(60-6300Hz), includes:

- a 100mm diameter tube

- a 100mm diameter sample holder

- a 100mm diameter extension tube

- a 30mm diameter tube

- a 30mm diameter sample holder

- a 30mm diameter extension tube


PA50; Power Amplifier of 50W

MC3242; DAQ card with 4 ICP input channels and 2 signal output channels, USB power supply, 0-20kHz, connected with laptop.

4* MPA416; 1/4" microphone with ICP Preamp

CA115; 1000Hz, 114dB sound calibrator, Type 2, with adaptor for 1/2'' and 1/4'' microphones

VA-Lab4 BASIC; Base software for measurement of noise and vibration, used for 4 channels

VA-Lab4 IMP-A; Software for measurement of material impedance values (4 mics are needed), for measurement of Transfer Function and the calculation of sound impedance coefficients and sound impedance.

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