Mobile Real Time FFT Analysis


GX-1 of ROGA-Instruments is not only a fast data recorder. Combined with DASYLab a mobile real-time FFT analyzer becomes available.

Basic component of GX-1 is the main unit which can be extended step by step up to 64 channels.


Plug & Play


The integration of many different preamplifiers and in combination with DASYLab the system can be customized to nearly any need. Nevertheless no adoption by the user is necessary. All components are specified for Plug-n-Play and they operate together perfectly.

Communication between GX-1 and DASYLab is achieved over a SCSI interface. It is possible with a notebook computer or a PC.


Data Security


Because GX-1 is not only a front end for DASYLab , but it can be used as a conventional data recorder, more possibilities for data security are available. GX-1 is able to store measured data to an integrated AIT tape with up to 35 GB capacity at a data rate of 3.2 MB/s continuously. Later on the data can be analyzed. Against DASYLab the replayed measurement looks like a real-time measurement.


Price/Performance Ratio


Because of the fact GX-1 works with 16 channels and with a weight of only 5kg and offers a averaged sample rate of 1.6 samples/s the combination with DASYLab is the topmost cost efficient solution available today.


Real Time, statistics, and Histograms


Modules of DASYLab like the signal analysis module make GX-1 to a real-time FFT analyzer, and the statistics module provides histograms and offers the functionality of a classifying rainflow recorder.




There are even more advantages out of the combination of GX-1 and DASYLab . Raw data can be stored in different formats like FAMOS, Remus, DiaDem, nSoft, and LMS & Head acoustics to the hard disk at the same time. This is one more reason why "ROGA Messtechnik" to shi GX-1 with DASYLab-Lite version in one package.

A further unit of ROGA-Instruments a two channel sound level measurement system called DF-1 is also supported with the many advantages of DASYLab .