Mobile Measuring


Because of a very important measurement at his firm MT Propeller Mr. Josef Eberl decided to test the successor of RD series, the LXMoby . It should be used in addition to an already existing TEAC DAT recorder TEAC RD-145T .

MT Propeller produces high quality propellers since 1981 which are used for conventional piston engines and turboprop engines in the power range between 200 HP up to 1200 HP.

In order to reduce noise emission and to enlarge efficiency MT Propeller has developed very innovative new propellers for the short haul transport aircraft Skyvan of Short Brothers.



For earlier models of Skyvan propellers with three blades have been used. MT Propeller decided to equip the modernized version of the propeller with five blades and a reduced diameter in comparison to the earlier original propeller.

To get an international license for the all new propeller the manufacturer has to approve the license board, the German Luftfahrtbundesamt, that there are no problematic states of operation.



This leads to an enormous measurement expenditure as in example the application of strain gages, vibration sensors, and telemetric equipment at the propeller.

The engine manufacturer Honywell Garrett demands the acquisition of parameters like torque, oscillation behavior, and temperature.

In addition the whirr flutter behavior ( self exited wobble oscillations ) of the engine housing have to be acquisited. Flying maneuvers like nose diving or parabolic flight are a demand of international standards.  

Challenging applications like these are typical operation areas for measurement systems like TEAC RD-145T and LXMoby because they are still operative in stress conditions for humans and apparatus.



The LX-Moby used by MT Propeller is equipped with 16 channels and a switchable ICP supply. Each of the channels is simultaneously sampled with 24bit resolution so the best most phase behavior can be guaranteed. Because the integrated sigma delta analog digital converters work with 128 times of oversampling no aliasing can occur. With up to four hours of operation out of a lithium polymer battery set new standards in portable measurement technology and portability.



LXMoby saves raw data on a removable Compact Flash Card with up to two gigabyte of capacity.



While test stand applications are supported with DASYLab real-time drivers for operational oscillation analysis, modal analysis and sound level analysis MEscope of Vibrant Technology is suited best.

A remote control unit, a rugged aluminum frame, and the analysis program FlexPro are contained in the package.