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Sound and Vibration Analyzer


Seismic Accelerometer

Digital USB Sensor Interface AC,DC, IEPE DAQ

The RogaDAQ2 USB DAQ is designed for sound and vibration measurement applications.

Two analog inputs can be independently controlled to turn the IEPE power supply on or off.

For example, an IEPE vibration sensor can be connected to channel 1 and a DC coupled magnetic field probe can be operated on channel 2.

The main feature of RogaDAQ2 is the concept of driver and free software.

Special drivers are not required it is recognized by the PC as a standard USB audio device.

RogaDAQ2 has been marketed for over 15 years by well-known companies as an OEM product under their own name.


Analog Input
2ch single ended BNC, IEPE, AC, DC
Simultaneously sampling ADCs
ADC Resolution
24 Bit
Sampling rate
48 kHz
Range input
5 Volt or 10 Volt
Selectable AC- or DC-coupling
Selectable IEPE sensor supply
4 mA – 24 Volt
Self adjusting
Anti-Aliasing filter
better ± 0,1 dB
Dynamic Range
100 dB, THD < 0,005%,
Frequency Response
DC – 24 kHz (± 0,05 dB)
Powered by USB Port
Power consumption < 1W
Temperature range
+/-0 to +50 °C
85 (w) x 132 (d) x 35 (h) mm
230 g

Simple sensor digitization

No driver installation

2 channel AC, DC  IEPE supply independently switchable

Compatible with NVH Analyzer, DASYLab, and most signal analyzer softwares.

Plug.n.Play capable with Windows

DC up to 24 kHz, with IEPE from 0.3 Hz to 24 kHz (-3dB)

Sampling rate 48 KHz