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XLR IEPE Sensor Adapter

The MP48 adapter is an excellent bridge between professional studio technology and professional measurement technology.

Any IEPE sensors can be conveniently connected to computer audio interfaces (USB interfaces), mixers and recorder systems with 48 volt phantom power.

The 48 Volt phantom power is transformed to the IEPE sensor standard on a small circuit board in the Neutrik XLR connector.


1/4″ and 1/2″ windscreen for all common measurement microphones
ROGA Instruments products are free from planned obsolescence, technically accessible, durable and repairable.

1/4″ microphone windscreen Ø 40 mm

23 €

1/2″ measurement microphone wind screen Ø 80 mm diameter

25 €

Pack of 5 windscreens 1/4″ Microphone windscreen Ø 40 mm

105 €

Pack of 5 windscreens
1/2″ measuring microphone windscreen Ø 80 mm in diameter

115 €
ROGA Instruments products are free from planned obsolescence, technically accessible, durable and repairable.

Microphone holder for measurement microphones
RG-50, MI17, MI19, MI21, MP30, MP40, MM210

57 €

1/2″ Microphone Holder, 1/4″thread, Alu black anodized
Swivel Head, 1/4″thread, steel black
incl. thread adapter 1/4″ – 3/8″

145 €
Vibration Calibrator

The vibration calibrator VC01 is a small and lightweight handheld calibrator for quickly checking acceleration and vibration sensors.

1380 €
Calibration Station

VC-02 is a complete, self-contained, portable vibration calibrator. Frequency, vibration amplitude can be adjusted continuously, direct LCD display.

4550 €

BNC-BNC cable with bend protection
RG174A/U coaxial 50Ω, 295 Ω/km, shielded, black
Temperature range: -20 to +70°C, 2.8 Ø mm
Also available with TNC connectors

from 42 €

Acoustic noise source
Active – loudspeaker with noise generator
White and pink noise (100Hz – 20kHz) approx.
100dB sound power, interrupter contact for reverberation time measurements
Mains operation, dimensions: 120x188x118mm³, weight: approx. 3,5 kg

750 €

48V phantom / IEPE
power adapter XLR male to BNC female

140 €

IEPE Sensor Amplifier
8201 is a portable single channel IEPE sensor signal conditioner.
It provides a 24 V / 4 mA power supply for sensors with integrated amplifiers.
Two selectable gains 0dB and + 20dB are available.

368 €

Sound calibrators of the CA1xx series are very stable precision class 1 and class 2 calibrators. The devices can be used with 1⁄4“ and 1⁄2“ microphone’s. The internal reference microphone and control loop circut, guarantees a microphone type independent precise calibration.

380 €
Laboratory Amplifier PA50

Universal 50-Watt power amplifier for technical acoustics. Drive for impedance tube systems and other sound sources.

950 €
AVC3000 PA3000

The AVC3000 is a three-channel, portable IEPE conditioner for ICP® powered sensors with built-in rechargeable battery. Each channel has independent control of gain level and frequency response. The settings can be made with the buttons on the front. The module has a built-in sensor circuit diagnosis and detects short circuits and interruptions in the measuring chain.

2560 €