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NVH Measurement Price List

Previous pricing and price lists are no longer valid. 

Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice.

All prices are without current VAT. 

Terms of payment in advance.

Our group only accept 100% T/T before shipping.


NVH DAQ Analyzer

2 IEPE sensor inputs

32-bit Float Dual AD converter

 with maximum 192kHz sample rate

Antialiasing filter

10 Hz to 80 kHz per channel

NVH Analyzer Pro


IEPE XLR Interface

4 IEPE sensor inputs

Measuring range 6.7 Volt Peak

24 bit simultaneous

Antialiasing filter

10 Hz to 40 kHz per channel

NVH Analyzer Pro



16 IEPE sensor inputs + 2 Tacho

Measuring range 6.7 Volt Peak

24 bit simultaneous

Antialiasing filter

10 Hz to 20 kHz per channel

NVH Analyzer Pro

USB Data Acquisition

Plug.n.DAQ Lite

2-channel USB NVH DAQ
Including IEPE sensor supply
for any IEPE compatible sensors
Measuring range: 1 Volt or 5 Volt or 10 Volt
Frequency bandwidth: per channel: 0.3 Hz – 24 kHz

444 €

2-channel NVH USB DAQ
24 Bit resolution
Switchable IEPE sensor supply.
Switchable AC/DC coupling.
Measuring range: 10 Volt
Frequency bandwidth: per channel
DC – 24 kHz
With IEPE 0.3 Hz to 24 kHz

888 €

4-channel USB DAQ
24-bit resolution
switchable supply for IEPE sensors.
Measuring range: + – 1 & 10 volts
Frequency bandwidth:
4 channels: AC/DC
0 Hz – 80 kHz per channel

2198 €

16 channel USB IEPE measurement system
IEPE (4mA, 28V sensor supply);
16x analog measuring channels ± 0.125 – ±10 V
400 kHz sampling rate (summ)
10 channels 0 Hz up to 20 kHz band width
4x16Bit analog outputs ± 10 V; 200 kHz sampling rate;
24 digital in- and outputs;
2×32-bit counter inputs;
Cast aluminum housing;
BNC connection sockets.
Including DASYLab and LabVIEW driver

4700 €

NVH Analysis Software

NVH Analyzer Lite

NVH analysis software with bssic functions:
Sensor Calibration menu for microphones and vibration sensors.
Signal, FFT Spectrun, Time domain Level acc.
Time domain Level vel., Time domain Level disp.
Time domain RMS, Time domain Mean-value,
Time domain Peak-Peak, FFT T-AVG
Time domain Sound Level
Time domain Sound Level A-Filter
1/3 Octave-Spectrum
1/3 Octave T-AVG

333 €
NVH Analyzer Pro

Vibration analysis software with FFT and FRF signal analysis, order analysis, machine diagnosis, machine monitoring, inelastic rotor balancing, sound level and sound power. Driver support for: 2 channel sound cards, Plug.n.DAQ Lite, RogaDAQ2, DT9837, Sinus Measurement Apollo Lite series.

4290 €
NVH Analyzer- Modal

For the modal analysis of a structure, transfer functions determined by measurement are required, which were generated with the NVH Analyzer – Signal Analysis module. The determination of the modal quantities eigenvector, natural frequency and damping is performed with NVH Analyzer – Modal Analysis in offline mode. Transfer functions and geometry data can be imported in UFF format.

4290 €