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Seismic USB Vibration Sensor Set

Introducing the Seismic USB Vibration Sensor, designed to provide accurate and reliable vibration measurements in a compact and budget-friendly form factor. 

Our sensor is equipped with a high-sensitivity accelerometer that boasts an impressive 10 V/g range, which makes it perfect for detecting even the slightest of vibrations. 

Our software allows for quick and accurate analysis of the data collected, making it an ideal choice for various applications. 

IEPE Sensor ADC Interface

This includes scientific research, industrial monitoring, and structural engineering. 

Our sensor’s USB connectivity feature ensures that it can be easily plugged in and used without the need for any elaborate setup procedures or processes. 

In summary, the Seismic USB Vibration Sensor is an exceptional tool for precise vibration measurements, making it an excellent investment for those in need of accurate and reliable data.

Seismic USB Accelerometer

Scope of delivery:

High Sensitivity Accelerometer

Suitable for seismic measurements and structural investigations at low frequencies

Highly sensitive sensor system without internal amplification thus excellent resolution and lowest noise

Particularly good sensitivity/ mass ratio

Air-damped resonance and overload protection by friction coupling

IEPE voltage output

Frequency response 0.05 Hz – 260 Hz

Sensitivity 10 000 mV/g

Mass 150 grams

Measuring range ± 0.6 g