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ICP Sensor - IEPE Sensor - 48 Volt Phantom Power XLR Adapter


XLR -IEPE Sensor Adapter

The MP48 adapter is an excellent bridge between professional studio technology and professional measurement technology.

All IEPE sensors such as accelerometers, measuring microphones, impulse hammers and force transducers can be conveniently connected to computer audio interfaces (USB interfaces), mixers and recorder systems with 48 Volt phantom power.

  • Frequency : 10 Hz – 100 kHz
  • Voltage: 18 – 48 Volt 

The 48 Volt phantom power is transformed to the IEPE sensor standard on a small circuit board in the Neutrik XLR connector.


Graduated prices: 

1 to 4 : 130 € +VAT each

5 to 9 : 110 € +VAT each

from 10 : 90 € +VAT each

2 channel IEPE ADC low cost solution

4 channel IEPE ADC - Linux compatible


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