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Vibration Analysis Set

We offer a USB accelerometer set specially designed for machine vibration analysis. 

This set has a measurement range of 0.65 Hz to 22 kHz, making it extremely accurate and effective for monitoring vibrations on machines.

Vibration analysis helps you detect potential problems with machines early on, before they become major problems.

With our USB accelerometer set, you can ensure optimal operation of your equipment and avoid costly breakdowns. 


Vibrometer - FFT
Analyzer Lite

  • Sensor calibration menu
  • FFT Spectrum
  • Time domain Level vibration acceleration
  • Time domain Level vibration velocity
  • Time domain Level vibration displacement

KS78C10 or KS78C100

USB vibration sensor with magnetic mount
  • Output IEPE – USB
  • Sensitivity 10 mV/g or 100 mV/g
  • Measuring range ±600 g or ±60 g
  • Frequency range (±3 dB) 0.65 .. 23 kHz
  • Weight 11.2 g  | with magnet 36.6 g

USB Interface
suitable for two accelerometers

Vibration Analysis
  • PC based portable data acquisition
  • Simultaneous measurement data acquisition via USB
  • Frequency analysis range 0,3Hz – 22kHz
  • Vibration-, Noise-, Structural analysis-, Modal analysis

Scope of delivery:

  • KS78C10; IEPE accelerometer | 10 mV/g
  • B001-100N; Holding magnet insulating type 100 Newton holding force
  • 009-UNF-BNC-1,5; Low noise cable; 1,5 m; UNF 10-32 to BNC; 120 °C; D2,1
  • Plug.n.DAQ Lite; 2 channel IEPE USB accelerometer interface
  • NVH Analyzer Lite; Vibrometer and FFT Analysis Software for Win 10 & Win 11