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Impedance Tube Sample Cutter

Quantitative measurement of acoustic properties includes the normal incidence sound absorption coefficients, the acoustic impedance ratios and the transmission loss of materials is an important part in architectural acoustics and vehicle engineering. 

According to GB/T 18696.2, GB/J 88, ISO 10534-2, ASTM E1050-12 and ASTM E2611-17 standards, all those properties can be measured by impedance tubes, and the material for measure should be cut to several simples which match the inner diameter of the tube.

Cutting material is important because the precision of the acoustic properties quantitative measurement will be affected if the diameter of multiple samples is inconsistent, or mismatch to the impedance tube.


  • Cutting samples match with inner diameter of impedance tubes conveniently
  • Modular design, can replace cutters with different diameter


  • Quantitative measurement of acoustic properties of materials

SC002、SC006 and SC200 sample cutter is new developed by BSWA to helping the user of SW series impedance tube to obtain the standard samples conveniently when testing.

Where the SC002 is a 100 mm circular cutter and sample holder, SC006 is a 29 mm circular cutter and sample holder, and SC200 includes the above two kinds of cutters and sample holders with bench drill, sample lifting table and shipping case.

Sample Cutter

NOTE: The cutter is made by stainless steel and only suitable for cutting specific materials. User needs to determine whether the materials to be cut are suitable for cutters. NO RESPONSIBILITY or WARRANTY for damage caused by unsuitable materials or improper operation!