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Ultra Low Weight Triaxial Accelerometer

A triaxial accelerometer is used in vibration measurement applications to detect and measure vibration levels in three perpendicular directions.

This accelerometer can be used to measure and analyze vibration in mechanical systems, machines, and structures, and is particularly useful for assessing the health of these systems and identifying potential problems before they become major issues.

To use a triaxial accelerometer to measure vibration, you need to attach it to the surface of interest with a mounting fixture and connect it to a vibration analyzer or data logger.

You can then measure vibration levels in three axes – X, Y and Z – and analyze the data to identify patterns or irregularities.

Triaxial accelerometers are a useful tool for anyone involved in machine maintenance, structural inspection or vibration analysis, offering valuable insight into the health of the systems they monitor.

Microminiatur Triaxial Accelerometer

Subminiatur Triaxial Accelerometer
 0.04 pC/g
 Mass 1.2 grams
 precision accelerometer – shear ceramics
Charge output, 
Wide dynamic range
Titanium housing
Price: € 1950 + VAT

Triaxial Accelerometer Set

IEPE accelerometer
100 mV/g
Mass 6.2 grams
Residual noise; wide band; RMS <400 (0,5 – 20000 Hz) µg
Lower frequency limit (3 dB) 0,15 Hz
Upper frequency limit (3 dB) 7000 (X);12000 (Y/Z) Hz
Small dimensions
Excellent phase response
High resolution
Low temperature coefficient
Includes electronic data sheet (TEDS)
Suitable for modal and structural analysis
Two sensitivity versions (10 and 100 mV/g)
Price: € 1680

Triaxial Accelerometer Set

100 mV/g
Weight without cable 115 grams
Measurement range, pos./neg. 55 g
Residual noise; wide band; RMS <300 (0,2 – 20000 Hz) µg

Lower frequency limit (3 dB) 0,2 Hz
Upper frequency limit (3 dB) 10000 Hz
Rugged industrial design
Protection grade IP67
Insulated base against ground loops
Trough hole for easy attachment
Cable with connector Binder 711, 5 m, for adapter 034
Adapter from connector Binder 711 to 3 BNC connectors

Price: € 1398