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Impulse hammers

IH-02 & IH-05 impulse hammer with IEPE input, 4 tips and additional mass.

  • Sensitivity 2.5mV / N
  • Maximum force 2000N
  • Voltage range + -5V
  • Frequency range 20..5000Hz
  • Total weight 105g
  • Length 250mm
  • Hammer head diameter 20mm
  • Aluminum handle with armored rubber

Universal Impact Hammer IH-02 description

Impulse hammers are designed for frequency measurement of mechanical structures, such as mechanical mobility, mechanical damping and impedance.

The IH-02 impulse hammer is powered by an IEPE source, has an interchangeable force transducer and comes with different strikes – hammer tips for different force and frequency ranges.


IH-02 impulse hammer, RogaDAQ2 and IEPE vibration sensor

– Integrated preamplifier for IEPE sensor supply 2..20mA
– Hammer head & measuring cell made of stainless steel
– 4 different impact buffers for a wide frequency range
– additional mass
– easy to use
– obust design 

Connection cable 2m BNC, 3 impact tips steel, plastic, rubber, transport case, calibration certificate

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