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Sound and Vibration Measuring Software

NVH Analyzer Lite

Our vibration analysis software offers you a cost-effective entry into professional vibration measurement technology.

The NVH Analyzer Lite software already supports any sound card for measurement data acquisition, so you can start with a simple IEPE sensor supply and an accelerometer.

  • FFT analysis
  • Sound level analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Vibration velocity
  • Vibration displacement  

NVH Analyzer Pro

The NVH Analyzer Pro data acquisition software is the solution for simultaneously acquiring and displaying signals from different sources and saving them in a file.

With the post-processing function, all powerful math and analysis functions can also be applied to the already saved data.

  • NVH analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Order analysis
  • Acoustic analysis
  • Operational deflection shape analysis

FFT Analyser Freeware

If you are looking for a FFT analysis software that will allow you to turn your PC into a full-featured measurement instrumentation, Visual Analyzer is the right tool for you!

The best part is that there is no need to install any additional or new hardware. 

You can simply use the sound card in your PC to start measuring sound.

With the Visual Analyzer, it is now even easier to analyze sound signals.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about licensing, since the program is already available for everyone.

Visual Analyzer is a highly recommended tool that offers a comprehensive range of sound analysis functions and is suitable for everyone, from audiophiles to engineers.

iSV1611 Sound Level Meter

Optional sound level meter software for iSV1611 USB microphone.

The common evaluation filters S, F, I, Leq, A, B, C and Lin Z are available.

Logged Values:

LAeq LAeqt LAF LAS LAI LCF LCpeak LZF LZF 20Hz LZF 25Hz LZF 31.5Hz LZF 40Hz LZF 50Hz LZF 63Hz LZF 80Hz LZF 100Hz LZF 125Hz LZF 160Hz LZF 200Hz LZF 250Hz LZF 315Hz LZF 400Hz LZF 500Hz LZF 630Hz LZF 800Hz LZF 1000Hz LZF 1250Hz LZF 1600Hz LZF 2000Hz LZF 2500Hz LZF 3150Hz LZF 4000Hz LZF 5000Hz LZF 6300Hz LZF 8000Hz LZF 10000Hz LZF 12500Hz LZF 16000Hz LZF 20000Hz Overload and WAV