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Sound and Vibration Measuring Software

 NVH Analyzer Lite functions

FFT block size 101 to 51201

FFT line resolution 0.366 Hz @ 48 kHz / 51201

FFT averaging linear, peak hold

Sum level Band limit – adjustable

Weighting Slow, Fast, Pulse

Weighting filters Lin, A, C

High-pass- Low-pass filter adjustable


Time domain sound level

Time domain sound level A-filter

1/3 octave spectrum

1/3 octave T-AVG

Listening to the measurement data via the PC speaker after recording is possible.

NVH Analyzer Lite

Microphone software for professional use in education, development and industry.

Microphone calibration with sound calibrator, or input of microphone sensitivity.

According to IEC 61672-1 weighting filters A, C and Z | time weighting: ‘Fast’, ‘Slow’, ‘Impulse’.

Demonstration of the software with USB microphone

Calibration with microphone calibrator Svantek SV30A .

Optional sound level meter software for iSV1611 USB microphone.

The common evaluation filters S, F, I, Leq, A, B, C and Lin Z are available.

Logged Values:

LAeq LAeqt LAF LAS LAI LCF LCpeak LZF LZF 20Hz LZF 25Hz LZF 31.5Hz LZF 40Hz LZF 50Hz LZF 63Hz LZF 80Hz LZF 100Hz LZF 125Hz LZF 160Hz LZF 200Hz LZF 250Hz LZF 315Hz LZF 400Hz LZF 500Hz LZF 630Hz LZF 800Hz LZF 1000Hz LZF 1250Hz LZF 1600Hz LZF 2000Hz LZF 2500Hz LZF 3150Hz LZF 4000Hz LZF 5000Hz LZF 6300Hz LZF 8000Hz LZF 10000Hz LZF 12500Hz LZF 16000Hz LZF 20000Hz Overload and WAV

Noise measurement with DASYLab

Independent of the used measurement hardware the acoustics measurement module calibrate microphones with DASYLab according to DIN IEC 60 651 and DIN IEC60 804.

The common used weighting filters S, F, I, Leq, A, B, C and Lin Z are available as well as a 10Hz high pass filter so that even with a sound card it is possible to measure according to the standards.