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USB microphones calibrated from 1 Hz to 80 kHz

Our microphones are designed for the detection of both infrasound and ultrasound frequencies, making them an excellent tool for Research and Development purposes. They come in standard, infra and ultrasound versions to better suit your needs.

Our microphone capsules are manufactured to meet the class 1 standards of WS2F according to IEC 61094-4, ensuring precision and reliability in any environment. Our USB precision microphones are suitable for a wide range of industrial and scientific applications.

They are compatible with most commonly used software applications, and can easily connect to computers and laptops through USB.

Our USB precision microphones are built with ISO standards, ensuring high-quality performance and accurate results.

We aim to provide our customers with reliable and accurate microphones for all their industrial needs.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to assist you.

The USB Precision Microphone

The USB microphone model iSV1611 is a digital microphone with USB interface, consisting of pre-polarized ½” electret microphone capsule, preamplifier, 2 channel (Stereo) ADC and USB interface, which can be used with apps on smartphone, tablet or PC.

PC, smartphone, or tablet receive the digitized 2 channel signal data via USB cable connected to iSV1611. The dual channel operation allows simultaneous measuring in the 16 -100 dB(A) and 56 dBA – 146 dB range.

Frequency range:
10 Hz – 4 kHz  ± 0.5 dB and 4 kHz – 20 kHz: ± 1.5 dB

1/2″ Microphone capsule thread 60uns

Directional characteristics: Omnidirectional – Sphere

Acoustic background noise 16 dBA

SPL Max. 146 dB

Sensitivity 40 mV/Pa

Measuring range 16 dBA – 146 dB

1/2″ microphone capsule

WS2F according to IEC 61094-4

free field

10Hz to 20 kHz

16dBA to 146dB


Price: € 765

1/2″ microphone

WS2F according to IEC 61094-4

free field

1 Hz to 20 kHz

15 dBA to 149 dB


Price: € 1625

1/4″ microphone capsule

WS3F according to IEC 61094-4

free field

5 Hz to 80 kHz

35 dBA to 158 dB


Price: € 1715

1/4″ microphone capsule

WS3P according to IEC 61094-4


3.5 Hz to 70 kHz

60 dBA to 186 dB


Price: € 1935
Ultrasonic USB Microphone

Scope of delivery:

1/2″ microphone capsule

Digital microphone preamp

USB connection cable 2 meter


Robust USB connection is screwed on the microphone side
iSV1611 Capsule IEC 61094-4 Type WS2F
Frequency Range
10 ~ 20,000 Hz
Responce Type
Free field
Electrode Forming Voltage
0 V
Sensitivity (dB re 20 μPa)
40 mV/Pa (± 3 dB)
Capacitance at 250 Hz
18 pF
Maximum Sound Pressure Level
146 dB
Intrinsinc Noise Level
16 dB (A)
Operating Temperature Range
-20 °C ~ +60 °C
Operating Humidity Range
25 % ~ 90 %(RH)
Temperature Characteristics
0.01 dB/C° Maximum
Humidity Characteristics
0.001 %(RH)
Aging Drift
0.2 dB/Year
Storage Temperature Range
-20 °C ~ +60 °C
Storage Humidity Range
25 % ~ 90 %(RH)
Outer Dimensions
Ф 13.2 mm x 16.0 mm
8.3 gram
iSV1611 USB Microphone
Signal Amplitude ref. 50mV @ 1kHz
Frequency Response
Frequency Sampling 192 kHz
1Hz~20Hz, Error <3.0dB
20Hz~20kHz, Error<0.3dB
20kHz~80kHz, Error<3.0dB
Electrical signal
noise background
Ch.1 (<13dBA, <26dBZ)
Ch.2 (<50dBA, <63dBZ)
THD Input 1kHz, 50mV, A weighting
Overload Indicator
1kHz (THD<3%)
Ch.1 (>101.9dB)
Ch.2 (>140dB)
Amplitude accuracy
Input 31.6mV, 1kHz, 90.0dB
Error <0.2dB
1/2″ Outer diameter
of protector cover
Ф 20 × 165 mm
φ 13.2mm
<96 g (cable not included)
Operating Temperature
-20°C ~ + 60°C
25 %~ 90 %(RH)
Atmospheric Pressure
65 kPa~108 kPa
Connector Type
Microphone Thread
11.7 mm-60 UNS