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One Stop Shop Systems

For easy solving of complex and specific Tasks. The flexible combination of components of our product range and our support und service help you to save time and money.

data acquisition

You will find anything starting with a 24bit data recorder to data acquisition system with USB 2.0 interface under the link »Datalogger«.

Datalogger / Data Recorder / Data Acquisition Electronic Stethoscope ES-12 for locating sound sources.

The Electronic Stethoscope ES-12 system contains a directional microphone MI10, a monitor amplifier AV14, dynamic headphones, an accelerometer and a carrying case.

Plug.n.DAQ Lite 2 channel USB digital sensor interface with fixed IEPE (ICP ®) supply, Plug.n.Play capable with Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS and Linux.

RogaDAQ2 High performance portable Data Acquisition Device. It features two high quality, high speed, 24 bit simultaneous sampling inputs, DC/AC & IEPE inputs individualey selectable.

RogaDAQ4 Front End is a high precision portable data acquisition system. Four simultaneously sampled 24bits resolution channels measure precisely any signals with frequencies up to 80kHz.

RogaDAQ16 16 channel USB front end with seperatley switchable IEPE (ICP ®) supply, equipped with 4 BNC analog outputs, counter input and digital I/O. Total sampling rate 400 kHz.

NVH Solution

Integrated solutions for complex tasks

Integrated solutions

Integrated turn key solution for real-time analysis

Integrated turn key solution for sound power measurements

Integrated turn key solution for post process analysis

Integrated turn key solution for sound analysis and oscillation analysis

Accompanying software

Which is thoroughly tested and supported with many drivers you will find under » Software «.

DASYLab Measurement and analysis application software
NVH AnalyserTransfer function, spectrum analysis, modal analysis, order analysis, operational mode analysis, balancing

Sound Level Meter measurement Add On module for DASYLab

RogaRECspecially designed for many different T&M devices
Sound and vibration

Sensors and accessories

Developed especially for our product range you can find under »sensors«.

Sensors and accessories

MI-17ICP ® (IEPE) electret measurement microphone in 1/4″ size
RG-50ICP ® (IEPE) measurement microphone in 1/4″ size
AVC3000 Portable 3 channel IEPE signal conditioner
Vibration sensors
Directional microphone
Impulse hammers
Industrial accessories
IEPE Power units
Vibration meter
Electrical adapters
Calibration Device
Signal Conditioner

ICP® is a registered trademark of PCB Group, inc., Depew, New York