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Impedance Tube - Description:

BSWA SW series Impedance Tubes can accurately measure sound absorption coefficients and impedance according to both ISO and ASTM standards. They also support the sound transmission loss measurements based on the Transfer Function Method. The Transfer Function Method separates the incident and reflected energy from the measured transfer function, and then estimates the acoustic properties of the tested sample installed in the tube.

The SW series Impedance Tubes are specially designed not only to work with the cut samples, but also for direct use in the field. The small size and durable aluminum construction make it easy to be transported and used for estimating the properties of walls, ceilings, installed building materials, road surfaces, different ground surfaces, interiors of vehicles, and etc. BSWA offers the complete set of Impedance Tube system, which includes: the tubes, microphones; DAQ hardware and measurement software.

BSWA 1/4’’ microphones MPA416, which have excellent phase matches, are ideal for impedance applications. The microphones are directly connected to optional 2-channel MC3522 or 4-channel MC3242 data acquisition hardware. PA50 power amplifier is used to drive the loud speaker in the impedance tube. The BSWA VA-Lab software provides all measurement functions for sound absorption and transmission loss testing.

Impedance tube systems for acoustic material testing

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