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Vibration Analyzer

We offer an acceleration sensor set that has been specially developed for machine vibration analysis.

It can record vibration and noise simultaneously and can be expanded into an experimental modal analysis system with an impulse hammer.

In addition to the impulse hammer test, balancing and order analysis are also optionally available.

KS84.100 Accelerometro

IEPE Output – USB

Sensitivity 100 mV/g

Measuring range ±60 g

Frequency range 0.19 to 22 000 Hz

Weight with magnet 123 g

Vibration Analysis

PC based portable data acquisition

Simultaneous measurement data acquisition via USB

Frequency analysis range 0,3Hz – 22kHz

Vibration-, Noise-, Structural analysis-, Modal analysis

Sensor Calibration menu for nvh sensors

FFT Spectrum

Time domain Level vibration acceleration

Time domain Level vibration velocity

Time domain Level vibration displacement

Scope of delivery:

KS84.100; IEPE accelerometer | 100 mV/g

208; : Rare-earth magnetic base; M8; D30; 120 °C

085-B713W-BNC-5: IEPE sensor cable; 5 m; Binder 713

Plug.n.DAQ Lite; 2-channel IEPE USB accelerometer interface

NVH Analyzer Lite; vibrometric and FFT analysis software for Win 10 and Win 11