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Microphone IP55 Splashproof

The MI21 microphone is designed to be splash-proof so that it can be used for measurement campaigns in wet or damp weather. A water-repellent seal on the membrane at the sound inlet prevents the electret capsule from being damaged by water.

The IEPE microphones with splash water protection, including MI17SW and RG-50SW, have proven their worth with brake manufacturers, among others, who mount the measurement microphone in the wheel arch in order to record disruptive brake noises.

IEPE microphone for all applications in standard industrial environments. Suitable for all noise measurements above 26 dB(A) up to 130 dB.

1/4″ IEPE measurement microphone

Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

Class 1 according to IEC 61672

Directional characteristic: omnidirectional

Sensitivity 50 mV/Pa

Measuring range 26 dB(A) to 130 dB SPL peak (5% dist.)

IEPE CCP constant current supply 2- 20 mA

Bias voltage: 12.5 V

Temperature range -10 to +80 °C

WS-RG-40 Windscreen 40 mm diameter

Temperature range -10 to +80 °C

Heat resistant up to 130°C