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Volume Sound Source Set

Volume Sound Source X Amplifier: Elevating Acoustic Analysis to New Heights

We are delighted to introduce the VSS210A Volume Sound Source (VSS210A), a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize acoustic transfer function (ATF) measurements, particularly in transfer path analysis (TPA) applications.

The VSS210A serves as an acoustical shaker, facilitating precise measurements for engineers across various industries, including automotive. In this release, we highlight the exceptional features and benefits of the VSS210A, complemented by the PA700 smart power amplifier, further enhancing its capabilities.

Volume Sound Source

VSS210A can generate a sound power level greater than 112 dB, powerful enough to excite a vehicle into a sufficiently high structural vibration level which can then be measured accurately.

The ratio of structural vibration (acceleration) to the Q value is the acoustical transfer functions.

NVH engineers commonly use such method to obtain force to sound pressure transfer functions based on the reciprocating principle.

The VSS210A is widely used in automotive and other industries to perform:

  • Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)
  • Airborne Source Quantification
  • Sound Package Evaluation