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The 180 dB Microphone Calibrator


Aerospace testing

Precise linearity calibration for aerospace microphones to ensure reliability in high sound pressure environments.

Acoustic testing in the defense sector

Calibration in defense scenarios with a dynamic range of 94 dB to 180 dB, meeting the stringent requirements for accurate acoustic testing.

Key features include:

Tube resonance principle

The CA935 was developed based on the tube resonance principle and ensures precise calibration with pure sound waves of large amplitude at 500 Hz.

Exceptional calibration range

The CA935 offers a dynamic range of 94 dB to 180 dB, exceeding conventional calibrators and meeting the requirements of high-pressure environments.

High sensitivity, low distortion speaker

A built-in speaker with high sensitivity and minimal distortion (≤0.5 % at 171 dB/500 Hz, ≤2.5 % at 180 dB/500 Hz) guarantees accuracy in calibration and distortion measurement.

Optional MPA473S compatibility

Users have the option of selecting the MPA473S high-level microphone as a reference to enable real-time monitoring of sound pressure levels.