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Vibration Sensor Magnets

ROGA Instruments offers insulating adhesive magnets for accelerometers, which are attached to ferromagnetic surfaces.

The insulating magnetic foot prevents ground loops and thus decouples the measuring device from the test object.


Holding magnet insulating type

50 Newton holding force

M5 threaded socket

Mass: 7 grams

diameter: 13 mm

height: 8 mm

Price 62 € + VAT


Holding magnet insulating type

100 Newton holding force

M5 threaded socket

Mass: 19 grams

Diameter: 19 mm

height: 10 mm

Price 75 € + VAT


For flat and curved surfaces

M5 internal thread

150 Newton adhesive force

Mass: 47 grams

Φ26×26 – M5

For sensor mass <100 grams

Price €135 + VAT

ROGA-Instruments provides a broad range of IEPE accelerometers for General applications, Seismic measurements, High acceleration and shock, Light test objects, Triaxial measurements and Industrial applications.

The range of high quality accelerometers reaches from:

minature accelerometers 

lightweight accelerometers 

triaxial accelerometers 

shock accelerometers 

IEPE impedance head

airborne accelerometers 

charge mode accelerometers