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Noise and vibration measurement
NVH Analyzer IEPE USB Interface


ROGA Plug.n.DAQ Lite is a compact 2 channel IEPE data acquisition device for recording and analysis.

The IEPE DAQ features the widespread USB interface and requires no driver installation.

In addition to AC inputs, it directly supports IEPE-type sensors, such as microphones and accelerometers.

Three fixed input ranges of 1 volt, 5 volts or 10 volts allow an optimal sensor signal-to-noise ratio adaptation.

Filters on the input and instrumentation quality amplifiers ensure reliable data. 

With a bandwidth up to 24 kHz per channel and simultaneous sampling Plug.n.DAQ Lite is highly flexible and may be used with all software packages supporting USB audio devices.

It comes in a rugged aluminum housing, prepared to go wherever the measurement job requires.

Supported operating systems: Android – Linux – Windows

Analog Input
2ch single ended BNC, IEPE
100 kOhm
IEPE power fixed
21 Volt / 4mA
Fixed input range
1, 5 or 10 Volt Peak
1 Hz to 24 kHz (-3dB)
10 Hz to 22 kHz (-0.5dB)
Sampling Frequency
48 kHz, – 44.1 kHz – 32 kHz – 22.05 kHz
16 kHz – 11.025 kHz – 8 kHz
Absolute accuracy
1 % typical
Gain accuracy
0.2 % or better
< 0.05%
90 dB or better
Pass band ripple
0.05 dB
Powered by USB Port
Power consumption < 1W
Temperature range
+/-0 to +50 °C
82 (w) x 150 (d) x 32 (h) mm
110 g

2 channel Digital IEPE USB Sensor Conditioner Plug.n.DAQ Lite

  • Simple sensor digitization
  • No driver installation
  • 2 channel AC, IEPE supply independently switchable using jumper on pcb.
  • Compatible with NVH Analyser, DASYLab, Dirac, MATLAB®, LabVIEWTM, and most signal analyzer software´s.
  • Plug.n.Play capable with Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS and Linux
  • Frequency bandwidth from 0.3 Hz to 24 kHz (-3dB).
  • Sampling rate 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz, 22.05 kHz, 16 kHz, 11.025 kHz, 8 kHz
Linux / Ubuntu with Plug.n.DAQ Series & RogaDAQ2

Ane de Jong, kindly provides us with his Linux implementation for reading 2 channel Digital IEPE – USB Sensor Conditioner data from Plug.n.DAQ series and RogaDAQ2, using Linux ALSA sound system.

by Anne de Jong

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