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Ultrasonic Microphone USB 5 Hz to 80 kHz

The 1/4” microphone cartridge MK 301 E is designed for acoustical measurements in research and development and also for industrial use. Some applications include audiology, the measurement of building acoustics and noise levels.

The microphone cartridge has a fixed layer of backelectret to supply the polarization voltage.

It is designed and very carefully constructed to ensure excellent long-time stability of the electroacoustical parameters. 

All essential components including the diaphragm are made of nickel and the diaphragm is bonded by a special galvanic process. 

The rear electrode is insulated from the cartridge housing by a quartz glass plate. The diaphragm is protected against mechanical damage by a protection grid. 

The equalization of the static air pressure between the inside and outside of the cartridge is by means of a capillary tube rear-vented into the preamplifier.

The cartridge uses the international standard thread 60 UNS which ensures compatibility with a wide range of calibration equipment and measurement devices available from many manufactures.

The measuring microphone cartridge MK 301 is designed for sound level meters of IEC Type 1 according to IEC 6


Ultrasonic USB Microphone MK 301 E + A67 + iSV1611

MK 301 E 1/4" microphone capsule

MK 301 E
  • WS3F acc IEC 61094-4
  • Frequency range 5 Hz to 80 kHz with iSV1611 USB Mic. Amp
  • free field
  • Sound pressure level up to 168 dB
  • 35dBA to 168dB
  • pre-polarized 

Ultrasonic noise of a mini PC -> relatively high noise level of 54 dB at 44 000 Hz


Measuring chain was calibrated with CA111 sound level meter calibrator before measurement

Frequency response up to 80 kHz – sampling frequency = 192 kHz

Ultrasound Microphone 5 Hz to 100 kHz

Ultrasonic USB Microphone

The 1/2” microphone capsule MK 202 E is designed for acoustic measurements in
research, development and industry and is also used in building acoustics and audiology, among other things.

  • Frequency range 10 Hz to 40 kHz
  • free field
  • Sound pressure level up to 158 dB
  • 22dBA to 158dB
  • pre-polarized 

The measurement microphone capsule has a fixed charge carrier layer (backelectret) to provide the polarization voltage.

The careful construction and the constructive concept of the microphone capsules guarantee a high temporal constancy of the electro-acoustic parameters.

The internationally common thread type (60 UNS) for connecting the microphone capsule allows interchangeability with other 1/2” microphone capsules and enables connection to all suitable calibration and measuring devices.

MK 202 E + iSV1611

The iSV1611 digital USB microphone preamplifier is suitable for all common pre-polarized 1/2” measurement microphone capsules.

The thread type 60 UNS allows the combination of different microphone capsule manufacturers depending on the application.

For ultrasonic applications we offer the MK 202 E from Microtech Gefell GmbH.

Ultrasonic Microphone Capsule Specification

MK 202 E
Frequency Range
10 ~ 40 kHz (- 3 dB)
Responce Type
Free field
Electrode Forming Voltage
0 V
Sensitivity (dB re 20 μPa)
14mV/Pa (±3dB)
Capacitance at 250 Hz
18 pF
Maximum Sound Pressure Level
158 dB
Intrinsinc Noise Level
22 dB (A)
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Humidity Range
up to 70 °C, 90 %
Temperature Characteristics
Humidity Characteristics
0.001 %(RH)
Aging Drift
0.2 dB/Year
Storage Temperature Range
-20 °C ~ +60 °C
Storage Humidity Range
25 % ~ 90 %(RH)
rear vented
Outer Dimensions
Ф 13.2 mm x 14.2 mm
8.5 gram

USB Microphone Preamplier Specifications

USB Microphone
Signal Amplitude ref. 50mV @ 1kHz
Frequency Response
Frequency Sampling 192 kHz
1Hz~20Hz, Error <3.0dB
20Hz~20kHz, Error<0.3dB
20kHz~80kHz, Error<3.0dB
Electrical signal
noise background
Ch.1 (<13dBA, <26dBZ)
Ch.2 (<50dBA, <63dBZ)
THD Input 1kHz, 50mV, A weighting
Overload Indicator
1kHz (THD<3%)
Ch.1 (>101.9dB)
Ch.2 (>140dB)
Amplitude accuracy
Input 31.6mV, 1kHz, 90.0dB
Error <0.2dB
1/2″ Outer diameter
of protector cover
Ф 20 × 165 mm
φ 13.2mm
<96 g (cable not included)
Operating Temperature
-20°C ~ + 60°C
25 %~ 90 %(RH)
Atmospheric Pressure
65 kPa~108 kPa
Connector Type
Microphone Thread
11.7 mm-60 UNS