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Triaxial USB acceleration sensor
and vibration analyzer

FastTracer Triaxial USB Vibration Sensor

FastTracer is an innovative vibration analysis solution. Using MEMS technology, Sequoia IT incorporates directly into sensors triaxial sensor technology and the capability of analog to digital conversion. Vibration data is exported directly to the computer via a standard USB port, turning it thanks to application software, into a simple but complete vibration analyzer that is highly suitable for preventive machine maintenance, vibration diagnostics, and R&D operations.

USB Triaxial Accelerometer MEMS

  • Sensor: Triaxial MEMS
  • 0 – 2500 Hz analog bandwidth
  • Measuring range 2g, 5g and 18g
  • Minimal dimensions. (30 x 55.5 x 15 mm)
  • Degree of protection: IP67
  • Low weight (55 g)
  • Shock resistance: 10,000 g
  • Cable: 3m standard. Cable extensions up to 30 m
  • Communication: USB.
  • Optional: WiFi

These triaxial sensors are based on MEMS technology, thus guaranteeing outstanding system robustness when it comes to resisting shocks of up to the 10,000 g. Measurement accuracy and precision are guaranteed by traceable calibration certificates issued by INRIM (Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica). Intra-sensor data digitalization rules out any possible electromagnetic or triboelectric problems.

he sensors, which are available in three measurement ranges
(±2, ±5 and ±18 g) covering an extremely broad spectrum of measurement scenarios, come in a leather case containing calibration certificate, standard integrated 3-meter cable, magnetic base for mounting on magnetic surfaces, instruction manual, driver, and examples of programming in a Labview environment, which enables you to develop customized measurement applications.
The sensors can be used for a wide range of applications, thanks to the available application software and accessories.

Triaxial USB acceleration sensor
FastTracer PA with FastWi
Triaxial vibration measurement via USB
made easy for everyone.

FastTracer PA installation and use with RogaREC software.
Triaxial accelerometer with USB PC port and FFT + vibration analyzer software
FastTracer PA
FastTracer PA; Triaxial accelerometer including USB PC direct connection 3 meters in length. RogaREC software + LabView driver included Frequency response 0Hz – 2500 Hz Mass 55 grams Measuring range:
FTK-0201 ±2 g
FTK-0501 ±5 g
FTK-1801 ± 18 g
Download FastTracer PDF
FastTracer; Triaxial accelerometer including USB PC direct connection
3meters in length.
FFT Analyzer Software + LabView driver included.
Frequency response 0Hz – 2500 Hz
Mass 55 grams Measuring range:
FTK-0202 ±2 g
FTK-0502 ±5 g
FTK-1802 ± 18 g
Download FastTracer PDF
FastWi WLAN module for FastTracer
FastWi Battery for FastWi Modules
Extension cable for FastTracer (4 m)
Extension cable for FastTracer (10 m)
Extension cable for FastTracer (18 m)
Extension cable for FastTracer (27 m)
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