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Vibration Analysis Software

Our vibration analysis software offers you a cost-effective entry into professional vibration measurement technology.

The NVH Analyzer Lite software already supports any sound card for measurement data acquisition, so you can start with a simple IEPE sensor supply and an accelerometer.

Here you find an overview of the supported measurement data acquisition devices:

NVH Analyzer Lite Specifications:

  • FFT block size 101 to 25601
  • FFT line resolution 0.732 Hz @ 48 kHz / 25601
  • FFT Averaging Linear, Peak Hold
  • Sum level Band limit – adjustable
  • Weighting Slow, Fast, Impulse
  • Weighting filters Lin, A, C
  • High-pass- Low-pass filter adjustable
  • Sensor Calibration menu for microphones and vibration sensors
  • Wave form signal
  • FFT Spectrum
  • Time domain Level vibration acceleration
  • Time domain Level vibration velocity
  • Time domain Level vibration displacement
  • Time domain RMS
  • Time domain Mean-value
  • Time domain Peak-Peak
  • Time domain Sound Level
  • Time domain Sound Level A weighting
  • 1/3 Octave-Spectrum
  • 1/3 Octave T-AVG
  • Trigger recording setup menu for unattended acquisition of multiple files
  • Up to 10 minutes raw data recording, output in WAV format possible.
  • Listening to the measurement data via the PC speaker after recording possible.