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Vibration Analysis
2 channel IEPE interface
Impedance Tube
Sound Absorption α
Sound Power Hemisphere
10 Microhone
Turnkey solution

Acoustics Vibration Measurement

Measurement systems of ROGA Instruments offer you a broad range of systems for measurement and data analysis.

Among other items we develop hardware and software turn key solutions for challenging  measurement, observation and analysis tasks for industrial and educational customers.

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2 to 16 channel IEPE USB measurement data acquisition

Here you will find system solutions for sound measurement technology and vibration measurement technology, modal analysis, general measurement technology and special applications, sound analysis, vibration analysis, long-term and high-speed measurement data acquisition, secure measurement data storage, real-time analysis, vibration monitoring, control applications and control applications as well as machine control.

ROGA-Instruments also produces IEPE microphones and digital IEPE USB sensor conditioners.