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Ultrasonic microphone IEPE Type - Class 1

Versatile from infrasound to ultrasound with high sensitivity and low noise floor.

The RG-50 microphone offers a cost-effective solution for acoustic measurements.

It can be used in combination with any instrument that has an ICP® or constant current supply.

The frequency response complies with the Class 1 specification WS3F – IEC 61094-5.

Our RG-50 IEPE microphone is an excellent choice for technicians and engineers in various fields, including acoustics, automotive testing, aerospace and more.

It is designed with a low noise floor, making it perfect for capturing frequencies from infrasound to ultrasound. With a high sensitivity of 50 mV/Pa, this microphone accurately captures even the smallest sounds.

Whether you are analyzing ambient noise or investigating mechanical and structural vibrations, the RG-50 IEPE microphone provides you with the reliable and accurate data you need.

Ultrasonic microphone – Infrasound microphone

  • 1/4″ IEPE measurement microphone
  • WS3F according to IEC 61094-5
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz – 30 kHz
  • Polar pattern: omnidirectional
  • Sensitivity 50 mV/Pa
  • Measuring range 26 dB (A) to 130 dB SPL peak (5% dist.)
  • WS-RG-40 Windscreen 40 mm diameter
  • Constant current supply 2- 6 mA
  • Bias: 12.5 Volt
  • Temperature range -10 to +80 °C
  • Heat resistant up to 110 °C


  • Ultrasound
  • Product noise
  • Ambient noise
  • Acoustic camera
  • Sound power

RG-50 Frequency Response Up to 30 kHz

MK 301 E and RG-50 frequency response comparison