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PA201 - 1 channel
Sound level meter and vibration analyzer

The PA201 SMART is versatile and, in its basic configuration, is ideal for:

  • Sound analysis
  • Frequency analysis (FFT)
  • FFT-based octave analysis (OCT)
  • Digital Filter-based Octave Analysis (DOCT)

Single channel version PA201-1CH allows general sound and vibration analysis, spectrograms, speed measurements (rpm).

Demonstration unit offer : 2680 € + VAT.

Software for vibration measurement (VLM)

Software for vibration measurement (VLM)

Basic configuration
  • IEPE microphone and connection for IEPE accelerometer.
  • Data is stored and replayed in real time (wave file)
  • Sensor calibration: software-supported sensitivity calibration
  • Real-time playback in measurement mode (headphone option)
  • Gain factors input signal: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 selectable
  • Auto scaling (Y-axis) and maximum value detection
  • Time delayed start of measurement (start trigger)
  • Configurable recording information (target and axis etc.)
  • Configurable storage, loading and retrieval of measurement data from files
  • FFT data recording and comparative analysis (reference file)
  • Playback of WAV files, selection of interesting partial passages
  • Data export: text, Excel, Matlab, BMP, JPEG
  • Overload detection and warning


  • High-pass filter (1 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz – 15 KHz cutoff frequency)
  • Band-pass filter (0.5-300 Hz, 2 Hz – 1 kHz, 10-500 Hz, 10 Hz – 1 kHz cut-off frequency – ISO 10816)
  • Butterworth filter (1.6 kHz, 200 Hz, 100 Hz cut-off frequency)

3 monitoring functions:

  • Acceleration, velocity, phase shift


  • The values of the three monitoring functions are displayed simultaneously as a digital value and as a time history curve
  • Integration time and adjustable time constant


  • RMS value, peak value, peak to peak values, smallest and largest value


  • Acceleration m/s², cm/s², mm/s², ?m/s², g, dB
  • Velocity m/s, cm/s, mm/s, ?m/s, dB
  • Phase shift m, cm, mm, ?m, dB
  • Real-time data acquisition as well as real-time recording and playback of WAV files
  • Time constants: 35 ms, 0.125 ms, 1 s etc.

Standards : IEC61672-1 Class1, IEC60651 Type1

♦ Freq. Range : 0.5 – 16kHz or 0.5 – 20kHz
♦ High-pass Filter : 1Hz, 20Hz
♦ Freq. Weighting : A, B, C, Z
♦ Time Weighting : Fast, Slow, Impulse
♦ Integration Time : 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10s
♦ Dynamic Range, Linearity : 120dB more
♦ Display Mode : Digital Value, Compare, Graph
♦ Detector : Selectable Synchronous 2 Detectors
♦ Measurement Value :
-Sound Pressure Level(Lp) : LASp, LAFp, LAIp, LBSp, LBFp,
-Equivalent Noise Level(Leq) : LAeq, LAeq(avg), LBeq,
LBeq(avg), LCeq, LCeq(avg), LZeq, LZeq(avg)
-Noise Exposure Level(Le) : LAe, LBe, LCe, LZe
-Max, Min SPL : LASmax, LASmin, LAFmax, LAFmin,
LAImax, LAImin, LBSmax, LBSmin, LBFmax, LBFmin,
LBImax, LBImin, LCSmax, LCSmin, LCFmax, LCFmin,
LCImax, LCImin, LZSmax, LZSmin, LZFmax, LZFmin,
LZImax, LZImin, LAeqmax, LAeqmin, LBeqmax, LBeqmin,
LCeqmax, LCeqmin, LZeqmax, LZeqmin
-Statistical Noise Level(Ln : L1, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, L99,
User Define) : LASn, LAFn, LAIn, LBSn, LBFn, LBIn,
LCSn, LCFn, LCIn, LZSn, LZFn, LZIn, LAeqn, LBeqn,
Lceqn, LZeqn
-Peak Noise Level(Lpeak) : LApeak, LBpeak, LCpeak, LZpeak

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