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Demo Unit

Price : 760 €


AV ACQUISITION 2000 (AVA 2000) is a universal, portable data acquisition module, which allows to record electrical signals with sampling frequency up to 96 kHz and resolution of 16 bits.

Due to compact size and small weight, robust design, very good operational parameters, as well as simple handling, the device is perfectly suited for measurements conducted both in the lab and in the field.

The AVA 2000 module features unique input circuits, which allow to select the type of connection:

  • DC, for measurements with constant voltage, or variable with constant component,
  • AC, allowing to eliminate the constant component,
  • IEPE, for measurements using various types of sensors made in the IEPE standard, such as accelerometers, microphones, etc.

The device is powered up, and communicates with computer through USB port.

The installation of the module does not require any additional drivers – after connecting to a computer, the operating system installs the necessary drivers automatically.


PA201 - 1 channel
Sound level meter and vibration analyzer

The PA201 SMART is versatile and, in its basic configuration, is ideal for:

  • Sound analysis
  • Frequency analysis (FFT)
  • FFT-based octave analysis (OCT)
  • Digital Filter-based Octave Analysis (DOCT)

Single channel version PA201-1CH allows general sound and vibration analysis, spectrograms, speed measurements (rpm).

Demonstration unit offer : 1480 €

Software for vibration measurement (VLM)

Software for vibration measurement (VLM)

Basic configuration
  • IEPE microphone and connection for IEPE accelerometer.
  • Data is stored and replayed in real time (wave file)
  • Sensor calibration: software-supported sensitivity calibration
  • Real-time playback in measurement mode (headphone option)
  • Gain factors input signal: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 selectable
  • Auto scaling (Y-axis) and maximum value detection
  • Time delayed start of measurement (start trigger)
  • Configurable recording information (target and axis etc.)
  • Configurable storage, loading and retrieval of measurement data from files
  • FFT data recording and comparative analysis (reference file)
  • Playback of WAV files, selection of interesting partial passages
  • Data export: text, Excel, Matlab, BMP, JPEG
  • Overload detection and warning


  • High-pass filter (1 Hz, 5 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz – 15 KHz cutoff frequency)
  • Band-pass filter (0.5-300 Hz, 2 Hz – 1 kHz, 10-500 Hz, 10 Hz – 1 kHz cut-off frequency – ISO 10816)
  • Butterworth filter (1.6 kHz, 200 Hz, 100 Hz cut-off frequency)

3 monitoring functions:

  • Acceleration, velocity, phase shift


  • The values of the three monitoring functions are displayed simultaneously as a digital value and as a time history curve
  • Integration time and adjustable time constant


  • RMS value, peak value, peak to peak values, smallest and largest value


  • Acceleration m/s², cm/s², mm/s², ?m/s², g, dB
  • Velocity m/s, cm/s, mm/s, ?m/s, dB
  • Phase shift m, cm, mm, ?m, dB
  • Real-time data acquisition as well as real-time recording and playback of WAV files
  • Time constants: 35 ms, 0.125 ms, 1 s etc.

Standards : IEC61672-1 Class1, IEC60651 Type1

♦ Freq. Range : 0.5 – 16kHz or 0.5 – 20kHz
♦ High-pass Filter : 1Hz, 20Hz
♦ Freq. Weighting : A, B, C, Z
♦ Time Weighting : Fast, Slow, Impulse
♦ Integration Time : 0.125, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10s
♦ Dynamic Range, Linearity : 120dB more
♦ Display Mode : Digital Value, Compare, Graph
♦ Detector : Selectable Synchronous 2 Detectors
♦ Measurement Value :
-Sound Pressure Level(Lp) : LASp, LAFp, LAIp, LBSp, LBFp,
-Equivalent Noise Level(Leq) : LAeq, LAeq(avg), LBeq,
LBeq(avg), LCeq, LCeq(avg), LZeq, LZeq(avg)
-Noise Exposure Level(Le) : LAe, LBe, LCe, LZe
-Max, Min SPL : LASmax, LASmin, LAFmax, LAFmin,
LAImax, LAImin, LBSmax, LBSmin, LBFmax, LBFmin,
LBImax, LBImin, LCSmax, LCSmin, LCFmax, LCFmin,
LCImax, LCImin, LZSmax, LZSmin, LZFmax, LZFmin,
LZImax, LZImin, LAeqmax, LAeqmin, LBeqmax, LBeqmin,
LCeqmax, LCeqmin, LZeqmax, LZeqmin
-Statistical Noise Level(Ln : L1, L5, L10, L50, L90, L95, L99,
User Define) : LASn, LAFn, LAIn, LBSn, LBFn, LBIn,
LCSn, LCFn, LCIn, LZSn, LZFn, LZIn, LAeqn, LBeqn,
Lceqn, LZeqn
-Peak Noise Level(Lpeak) : LApeak, LBpeak, LCpeak, LZpeak

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