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Modal Analysis - Operational Modal Analysis - Impulse Hammer Test - Modal Analysis Test

Modal systems including pulse hammer, accelerometer and IEPE USB DAQ

The NVH Analyzer software was developed by engineers who themselves have been performing contract measurements at home and abroad for two decades.

The software offers the mechanical engineer, only the necessary functions, in order to master purposefully and cost as well as time-efficiently the tasks.

Driver support for: 2 channel sound cards, Plug.n.DAQ Lite, RogaDAQ2, DT9837 and Sinus Messtechnik Apollo Lite series.

ROGA Instruments covers the most common NVH analysis requirements within one software package, and can be operated online and offline.

  • Vibration Analysis Software
  • Signal Analysis
  • Order Analysis
  • Experimental Modal Analysis Software
  • Operational Vibration Shape Analysis
  • Machine diagnostics Machine monitoring
  • Balancing of inelastic rotors
  • Sound level / sound power

2 channel Impulse Hammer Test Set

Impulse hammer test

4 channel Impulse Hammer Test Set

Impulse Hammer Test Kit
Impulse Hammer - Triaxial Accelerometer Modal Analysis Software

comparison of transfer functions

animation of structural models

1/3 Octave

DAQ card setup

analysis functions setup

additional software settings