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PC Recorder Software

RogaREC software is designed for many different test and measurement devices which allow using such Front End system as a PC based Data Recorder; RogaREC works also with any PC sound cards.

The main feature of the RogaREC is the simulation of a recorder, so that a user manual is not necessary.

RogaREC supports the analog input channels for example of any sound cards, Plug.n.DAQ, RogaDAQ2 and FastTracer

RogaDAQ16 range input settings and IEPE (ICP ®) sensor supply can be selected for each channel individually.

The measurement bandwidth is indicated in Hz or kHz, according to the T&M measurement hardware.

RogaREC Waveform Display






The display allows changing between Bar graph and wave form (oscilloscope) view.
Cannel overload indicator for each channel and Pre & Post Trigger, recording time function roundup the RogaREC product.

Trigger Setup





The channel data’s are stored in the TEAC TAFFmat file format, which is compatible to FlexPro, DaDisp, DiaDem, ArtemiS, FAMOS, LMS and other post processing analysis products.

PC Recorder Software

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