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PC Recorder Software

RogaREC software is designed for many different test and measurement devices which allow using such Front End system as a PC based Data Recorder; RogaREC works also with any PC sound cards.

The main feature of the RogaREC is the simulation of a recorder, so that a user manual is not necessary.

RogaREC supports the analog input channels for example of any sound cards, Plug.n.DAQ Lite and RogaDAQ2

RogaDAQ16 range input settings and IEPE (ICP ®) sensor supply can be selected for each channel individually.

The measurement bandwidth is indicated in Hz or kHz, according to the T&M measurement hardware.


The display allows changing between Bar graph and wave form (oscilloscope) view.
Cannel overload indicator for each channel and Pre & Post Trigger, recording time function roundup the RogaREC product.


The channel data’s are stored in the TEAC TAFFmat file format.