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IEPE Sensor Conditioner


DIN Rail
IEPE Sensor

IEPE Sensor Supply

IEPE Conditioner
DIN Rail IEPE Power Supply

4 channel IEPE sensor supply
for DIN rail mounting

4 channel module for the supply of IEPE sensors, and is built into a housing for DIN rail mounting.

The connection is made via screwless terminals.

  • Number of channels = 4
  • Mounting = top hat rail TS35
  • Connection = terminals, max. 1.5 sqm
  • Constant current = 4.5 mA +- 0.5 mA

Power supply = 2 Versions

Direct power supply, without DC/DC converter, without potential separation 

P/N: DIN-1.001.00-UDIRUDIR-24V -24V -4.5mA4.5mA-UG0.5

Power supply with DC/DC converter
P/N: DIN-1.001.00-DC/DC DC-12V to 30V-4.5mA4.5mA-UG0.5

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