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Sound Power Measurement with Hemispherical Array


  • Meets the requirements of GB/T 6882, ISO 3745, GB/T 18313, ISO 7779
  • The mic can be moved along the rail to meet 10 and 20 mic method
  • Different types of microphones with 1/2 inch preamp can be mounted
  • It can be fixed to the floor or hung
  • Easy to take on, light and compact, supplied with a professional carrying case
  • Suitable for sound power measurement in the laboratory and outdoors

MF710 / MF720 are hemispherical arrays developed by BSWA for sound power measurement.

MF710 meets the requirements of the 10-microphone method according to GB 6882 1986, ISO 3745:1977, GB/T 18313 2001 and ISO 7779:2010.

 MF720 meets the requirements of the 20-microphone method according to GB/T 6882-2008 and ISO 3745:2012.

The MF710 / MF720 was designed to be a small, lightweight and easy to mount mount. Microphones can be mounted on the hemispherical surface very quickly and accurately, making it very easy to conform to standard requirements for sound power measurement. 

BSWA also offers a multi-channel data acquisition device and software to work in conjunction with the sound power measurement device.

BSWA MF710 and MF720