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IEPE Accelerometer Interface ADCstamp®

Welcome to IEPE Accelerometer Interface ADCstamp, the ultimate solution for multi-channel applications with high sampling rates.

Our interface is designed to accommodate several hundred channels, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking reliable and efficient data acquisition solutions. 

With our cascadable interface, you can easily expand your set up without sacrificing performance or accuracy. 

Each ADCstamp module can manage up to eight channels, and multiple modules can be easily linked to form larger systems. Furthermore, our IEPE Accelerometer Interface ADCstamp features an advanced microcontroller, which enables precision measurements of up to 24-bit resolution. 

It also includes a range of features and options, such as trigger inputs, anti-aliasing filters, and programmable gain amplifiers. In a nutshell, whether you’re working with aerospace, automation, or automotive applications, our IEPE Accelerometer Interface ADCstamp has you covered.


IEPE Accelerometer Interface ADCstamp®


24 Bit AD-conversion at up to 4 MHz sampling rate

Digital measurements accurate to nanoseconds

The multifunctional, patented real-time data acquisition
interface ADCstamp® with 24 Bit ADC and 4 MSample/s per
channel, including the functionality of a measuring
amplifier for volts, current, ICP® etc.


Best signal quality (14.8 ENOB – Effective Number of Bits)

Best CMRR – Common Mode Rejection Ratio

Best galvanic isolation

Flat bandwidth: DC – 1.7 MHz

Technical Specifications

Analog Input
24 Bit
Max. sample rate per channel
4 MSample/s/ch
Max. Bandwidth per channel
DC – 1.7 MHz
Analog: 1.7 MHz low pass filter. Digital: selectable.
Volt Input Ranges
± 250 mV … ± 1500 V depending on external resistor
Volt Input Impedance
external resistor: 10kΩ … 10MΩ
Volt Input Couplings
Single-Ended with 3 gains (selectable by software)
Differential-Ended with 1 fixed gain
Galvanic Isolation
± 2500 V
Dynamic range Bandwidth:
5 kHz = 114 dB
50 kHz = 114 dB
1 MHz = 96 dB
ENOB (THD + noise)
effektive Bits dB @ 125 kHz Sample Rate
typ 14.8 Bit -90 dB
IEPE (ICP®) (*)
Constant Current Supply: 0 … 5mA
Input Coupling: external AC or DC
Power Supply
Vsup = 12 VDC ± 5%, 3 W typical
Vdd = 1.8 VDC … 5.5 VDC, 0.3 W typical
Environmental Temperature
+1 °C to +50 °C
Sample Clock Input
16 MHz … 32 MHz
DCDC Clock Input
1 MHz … 2 MHz (= 1/8 of Sample Clock)
25.4 (w) x 67.3 (d) x 18 (h) mm
Specifications are subject to change without notice.